Adobe Fuse CC Preview Released

Adobe Fuse CC Preview Released
The Adobe Fuse CC 3D Character App is now available as a Preview for Creative Cloud 2015 in the winter update.

This actually really cool and something I’m very excited about personally. Using Adobe Fuse CC we will finally have the ability to develop 3D Characters in a native Adobe application without any 3D experience or technical ability and then be able to work with them in Adobe Photoshop CC to create stunning artwork and 3D animation.

With Photoshop and Fuse CC working together there are many new possible applications for 3D and digital art that will be simple and affordable. Fuse CC 3D character mascots are something I can see a lot of brands wanting to take advantage of in the near future.

This has a lot of commercial applications for freelancers looking for new revenue opportunities and ways to leverage their Photoshop skills. This is one more reason to stop holding out on Adobe Creative Cloud if the investment and lack of ownership was bothering you.

The benefits of the Adobe Creative Cloud Updates are making that argument less and less viable as time goes on and the ability to really and truly step into 3D with no prior knowledge is too good to pass on.l

Adobe Fuse CC is a great piece of innovation for the Adobe Creative Cloud and making 3D characters accessible to the mainstream in a way that the competition hasn’t and I’m very excited about.

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