Start Planning Your Graphic Design Career [Video]

Planning Your Graphic Design Career

Often graphic designers overlook the importance of planning their graphic design career and setting clear goals and accomplishments for themselves. Most designers just get a job and think that is the end of it. Or they are working as freelancers and think that the end all be all is hunting clients.

You need a bigger goal and plan than that to make it as designer and be truly satisfied. Haven’t you ever wanted to do the work you love and can be most proud of? If you don’t make a true plan for your career, the odds are, that this will never happen for you, because you are working all day instead of taking the steps to build an actual career as a designer.

So what do I mean by an “actual career as a designer”?

Well your career is the accomplishments or feats you’ve achieved as a designer. Which is what you will find on the best resumes from the most in demand creatives. They don’t have their job roles and daily duties. They have a list of feats they achieved in their time. Figure out what your “12 Labors of Hercules” would look like. What do you aspire to accomplish?

  • Figure out what you are passionate about
  • Make a list of things you want to achieve in the next 2 years
  • Identify what job roles and titles align with your goals
  • Determine any resources you need that you don’t currently have
  • Develop network contacts that can help you achieve your goals

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Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur helping individuals and brands share and monetize their messages. He is a contributor to several publications including Creative Pro and Print Magazine and is a 2016 HOW Design Live Speaker.
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